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Astrology 101: What Your Rising Sign Says About You

As you might remember, your birth chart is basically a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born. In technical terms your rising sign–or “ascendent,” as it is often called–is the sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at your time of birth. Your rising sign is a very important part of your astrological personality profile. It illustrates your outward self: a social mask of sorts… Your rising sign influences people’s first impression of you, how you interact socially, and how you view and relate to others. Example: when we first met, we didn’t like each other at all. Winona thought Katelyn was too serious and logical; Katelyn thought Winona was too perky and superficial. Once we got to know each other better (and ultimately became best friends), we realized we had really been judging each other’s rising signs–Katelyn’s rising sign is critical, reserved Virgo, while Winona’s is flighty, chatty Libra. Terrible first impressions were pretty much inevitable! The self you project to the world is most often a perfectly balanced blend of your rising sign and your sun sign.

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